Business Advisory + Coaching

Commercial & Non-Profit projects, whether Idea Generation, Start-Up, Going Concern or seeking an Exit (or Succession Plan);

Co-Pilot’s objective is to assist you to create both tangible & intangible asset value for your business or organisation.  We seek to achieve this by providing analysis and asking the right questions, to then develop action plans that create opportunities for positive outcomes for both your business & you personally.

Business is tough.  We must be resilient, persistent and determined to make enough good things happen, to feel that sense of achievement and be able to tick off our objectives.

We look to get you along this road by sharing a range of services via ‘The Co-Pilot Approach to Business Value Creation‘, our stepped model which includes;

A 360° Business Review & Discovery
This can broadly include your technology/architecture, marketing & communications planning, value propositions, SWOT & competitor analysis, digital presence, research, customer experience & journeys, growing communities, utilising data, building revenue channels, partnership development, negotiating potential pitfalls & risks, general governance, thinking about Succession (or an Exit) and assistance with implementation & coaching to achieve your  Action Plans, to maximise your asset.

Work with you on your plan, assist you to develop a plan and/or assist to make your plan happen, over time, to maximise your outcome and value.

Marketing and Communications strategies
Evaluating and determining the most appropriate channels to use.

Customer Experience (CX), User Experience UX & the Customer Journey
An independent view of just how a customer might navigate your offering, in order to ensure all avenues are covered and there is limited leakage and maximum opportunity to continue engaging the customer or potential customer.

Visitor & Membership growth strategy
As part of the marketing mix, determine what works effectively and efficiently within the operation, to meet the business’s needs.

Technology reviews across all channels
Evaluating platforms for your sized operation, whether that’s across email, eCommerce, general comms or internal project work.

Building customer profiles, Creating a single view of the customer
Thinking about the desired outcome and how to create the most value for the customer or subscriber – looking to ensure that we are asking the right questions of the right people, to then deliver what is that they need, based on the data. 

Developing on and offline communities
Establishing what is required to build a trusted community and fulfil their needs.

Marketing Automation
Thinking about the outcomes that are desired, working to automate and personalise communications, with the right objectives in mind.

Content-led platforms as a core strategy
Developing content plans to meet your desired market and ensuring that these can be fulfilled in order to attract and maintain your audience.

Understanding the 50+ market & audience
Everyone is not the same and also anyone over 50+ is not old and is worth speaking with.  This powerful audience is incredibly miscommunicated with, incredibly by brands who’s primary buyers are aged 50+.  There is a smart way to speak with the vast audience and establish long-term consumer relationships.

Researching & uncovering Insights
Assumptions are certainly not always correct.  There are always two ways to look at research of course, however as a business, it’s good to know what you’re working with.

Determining new Revenue opportunities
Unless money is in the bank, it’s not revenue.  As we all know, earning a dollar is not easy, so it’s good to look at options that will help increase the value of your Asset, by continuing to see it grow.

Sense-checking start-up ideas and business strategies
Any idea is worth talking about, although some ideas should be just that and never taken any further.  Building a business is extremely tough, so it must have a solid plan and genuine market ready to buy and get their friends on board, quickly.

Thinking about Strategic Partners and an Exit Plan (or Succession plan)
A chance to think about what’s next and how to either end the Chapter in the best possible way or ensure that there is continuation of your going concern into the future.

General deal making and investigating opportunities to partner or exit
Knowing the ultimate goal for your business is imperative.  Knowing how to get there is even better.  It’s a great idea to look at options as early as possible, so that there is a ready strategy when the right time happens.

Evaluate key pillars that wrap around the Value Creation
Ensure purpose, passion & empathy.
Maintain resilience & happiness.
Continue learning and ensure you are viewing the surrounds that lie ahead.

Connecting people, brands, businesses & ideas
We can’t do all things alone.  Having developed a solid, genuine local network, I’m always keen to look to share that with fellow genuine people.