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Business is tough. Creating, building, running and exiting a business is a journey.  It can be lonely.  It can be a puzzle.  It can even be a struggle.  I’ve been there.

Co-Pilot® is here to help you make progress and gain momentum in doing so.

A business is often our largest asset or certainly could be, with the right plan.  Assets require maintenance and by engaging the right help, we often get much needed momentum or are able to complete the job sooner, ideally with a better result than if we’d relied solely on just ourselves.

If we ever doubt the need for assistance, we remind ourselves that Roger Federer not only has a coach, however also advisors, trainers & mentors.

Is that a sign of weakness?  Co-Pilot® certainly doesn’t think so.

Established in 2002, our aim as a Business Co-Pilot®, is to provide a fresh pair of eyes, as and when required, to increase business value for owners and stakeholders, by working alongside and helping you make things happen.

Co-Pilot® asks the relevant questions and aims to create greater business confidence in order to allow a better night’s sleep, free from some anxiety that naturally comes from being a business owner.

Maybe you feel that you have lost some of the old spark for business.  We’re keen to help you rediscover some passion and purpose, by having a solid and realistic plan. At the same time, ensuring that health, wellbeing & fun is part of that plan.

“There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened….”

We feel fortunate to have the experience, methodology, values, humility, perseverance, empathy, integrity, confidence, dose of realism and networks to help you make good things happen to improve your business journey.

If you’re wanting to check-in on yourself, please download this ‘Daily 40’ Health & Wellness Checklist, which I hope is useful.

Co-Pilot®is a registered Regional Business Partner. If your project fits within the criteria, there is the potential to apply for a Capability Voucher to assist with funding for up to 50% of an assignment’s value (maximum $5000 + GST funding for a $10,000 + GST assignment). e.g. Mini Due-Diligence, Discovery & Prioritised Action Planning that works, to solve Problems (to make Progress)

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