Welcome to Co-Pilot

Our aim is to help prepare business owners and managers for growth, change, new partnerships, attracting capital, selling or to think about a succession plan.

At the same time, creating the confidence to have a better night’s sleep, free from some anxiety that naturally comes from creating, building, running and exiting a business.

Co-Pilot offers Business Advisory, Strategy + Coaching services to help you get a workable plan in place.  Whether for you, for your organisation or focused on a specific area, the outcomes focus on creating real Value.

We aim to provide a guiding hand for your business, when required, to help recognise and discover where and how to navigate a future path to commercial value whether at idea stage, start-up, a going concern or contemplating exit/succession.

Most importantly, we aim to achieve this whilst also thinking about your own health & wellbeing.

Business is tough.

We have well & truly been there.

Co-Pilot is a fresh pair of independent eyes, that has experienced the roller coaster that is business & life!  Let us assist you by working alongside you to help accelerate those areas of your business that just might make that fundamental difference.

With the  Holistic Co-Pilot Approach to creating Business & BusinessLife Value, we ask you the right questions.

Our aim is to have you in a position to grow, partner, sell or begin a succession plan, tomorrow.  It’s critical to be in this position, so that you can simply get on and concentrate on the job ahead, with less anxiety about where it’s all going.

We’ve worked across all sorts of industries and with business and charities of all shapes.

“There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened….”

Let us help you make good things happen.

Thank you and please let us know if you’d like us to make some suggestions to improve your business journey.