A tool to help make Progress

Like me, do you guys sometimes get to the end of the day, week or even weekend and think, “Jeepers, what have I actually achieved?” 

We tend to want to feel on track, a degree of success and fundamentally, we need to have Purpose. 

Rather than fixating on the future end goal, I think it boils down to the desire to feel that we are ‘Making Progress’. 

Evidently ‘Progress’ derives from the Latin ‘to walk forward’. So basically, taking steps. 

If you sometimes feel tired, doubt yourself and see yourself saying “Am I making progress?” when you look in the mirror, then like me, consider using a basic free online tool like Trello (amongst others) to make your lists, note some goals, check in & tick things off to make yourself feel better.

For me, this simple practice has definitely helped alleviate stress and also help me leap off what at times seems like the overwhelming business treadmill.

Use Trello as your Reset button. An ‘unblocker’, as a mate calls it.

When you doubt your progress, then you have a history to show just what you have been achieving.

My suggestion is to stop wondering and just make a start. Along with Trello, there is also Asana or Monday.

To get started with Trello

  • Simply go to Trello and follow the sign in screens
  • It’s a basic Kanban system of To Do, Doing & Done – however you can decide what works best for you
  • There are so many options for you over and above basic lists, which include creating Checklists, Due Dates, Reminders and the ability to Invite others to view your plans or actions. This makes it a great tool for you as an individual as well as your office space/team
  • It’s great on your laptop but I also find the App fairly straight forward to follow
  • Most of the additional features, can be found from following the Menu on the right hand side of the screen, once you’ve set up your first Board.

Follow this simple video guide, provided by Trello. There is also a general YouTube video that someone has put together, to help extend your knowledge and see if it’s for you.

Best wishes and enjoy that feeling of making progress today, rather than potentially worrying so much about the big end goal just yet.

Take care.

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