If you’re a business owner, at some point in the future, you will Exit the business.

Hopefully it’s by your own desire, however it can be due to many other circumstances. Regardless, it is essential to have an Exit Plan, ideally from Day 1, so that you are ready for anything, tomorrow.

It is never too soon to evaluate your business and look at options for exit, including succession.

By taking a broader view of the business today, we are able to prepare you for exit.

The approach applies a stepped model which packages up experience, perspective, tools, methods, values, support, market knowledge, contacts and networks.

Step 1:
The 360┬░ Business Review & Discovery is very detailed however broadly covers:

Value propositions, markets, asset creation, relationships, customers, communities, marketing, technology, operations, risk/legal, capital, governance and deal-options.

Step 2:
Value Creation Blueprint – effectively determine the desired outcomes across the business, that if brought together are likely to achieve maximum value, minimise lead time to sale and also minimise transition time with new owners.

Step 3:
Gap Analysis to determine how to bridge the gap from current to desired outcomes across the business.

Step 4:
Action Plan Roadmap can include both strategy & tactics within a workable and realistic step by step guide to achieve the desired Exit outcome.

This includes looking to work with other relevant experts to help with the sale process.

Step 5:
Coaching, Training and/or Mentoring to help implement the Action Plan and prepare for Exit. Working with the business owner & managers within suitable timeframes and with appropriate resources, to maximise the business outcomes and value – whilst ideally┬áminimising anxiety.

Step 6:
Co-Pilot works with other professionals parties to facilitate the Sale.

Step 7:
It’s important to talk about ‘post-sale’ and what that means for the business owner. It’s a new chapter and a different life, when you exit. There is plenty to consider and plan for, for life.

All the while throughout the exit journey, we look to resilience, as this can be a long process and have many hurdles. We will look to connect you with the appropriate, genuine people and networks. Continuing to learn and ensure that we are viewing all options and road ahead.

At the same time, Co-Pilot is able to work with the new Owner, to determine the path forward to continue to maximise the Business Value.

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