Approach + Services

Co-Pilot® is here to help you & your business make Progress.

Having been involved at the coalface across my own businesses, as well as family businesses, I have had to make them work. I seek to use that experience and learned resilience to formulate action plans, that seek to make the necessary changes to remove obstacles, which then allows progress towards objectives.

Working alongside business owners & senior managers to guide towards greater clarity, confidence, productivity, progress, outcomes, accountability & business value – as and when required – by asking the timely questions to help uncover, consider, plan, architect, create plus project manage implementation if required, with credible partners.

The outcomes help position a business for the next phase, whether that’s growth, contingency, scale, change, capital requirements, formation of partnerships, as well as positioning for succession or exit.

No matter what your initial intention for seeking guidance, your business should be saleable at any time, which means you have options at any time – that’s the goal.

The fact is – if you own a business, you will Exit sometime. Be Business & Post-Business Ready by taking a broader view of the business today, so that we are able to prepare you for exit, even if that’s not on your current horizon.

Co-Pilot® has consulted, led & collaborated on all sorts of projects covering;
Broad Business Audits (Due Diligence/DD & Discovery), Business & Action Planning, Growth Strategies, Evolving Revenue Models, Business Plans & IM’s, Business Exits/Succession Planning, Technology & Marketing Platforms & Automation, Increasing Asset value, Customer Journeys & Personalisation, eCommerce, Marketing & Communications Plans, Digital projects, Provide Recommendations on RFP decisions, Business Model Transition, Contingency Planning, Branding, PR, Lead Generation & Filling Sales Pipelines, Building Strategic Relationships, Customer journey mapping, UX/CX, Evaluating Risk & De-risking, Governance & Management, Idea generation, IP, Term Sheets, Evolving databases into an on & offline Community, Creating a single view of the customer for greater personalisation & segmentation, Assisting businesses evolve from off to online eCommerce, People/HR, the 50+ demographic opportunity, Coaching/facilitating Strategy & Business Planning Workshops, Health & Wellness guidance via our own templates.

In addition, an independent business shoulder to lean on when required.

a.k.a. – your Co-Pilot®.

Co-Pilot® is a registered Regional Business Partner. If your project fits within the criteria, there is the potential to apply for a Capability Voucher to assist with funding for up to 50% of an assignment’s value (maximum $5000 + GST funding). e.g. Mini Due-Diligence, Discovery & Prioritised Action Planning that works, to solve Problems (to make Progress)

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