How we can help you

One-to-One SME Owners & Managers

Working alongside you via a mini-Due Diligence process, that helps extract the IP from your head and place that on paper.

From there we create a workable, realistic Action Plan to help provide a guide towards greater clarity, confidence, productivity, progress and in every case, seeking to have an Exit Plan based on increasing your business’s value.

Whether you’re needing outcomes for the next phase, for stability, growth/scale, contingency, change, new structure or positioning for succession/exit, then this will help.

Be saleable anytime.

Via regular check-ins, we evaluate metrics, set new objectives and overall, create ongoing accountability.

We seek to listen and ask relevant & timely questions to help uncover, consider, plan, architect and if need be project manage implementation if required, with credible partners.

An independent business shoulder to lean on when required – your own business Co-Pilot®.

Standard hourly rate is $395 + GST, with longer-term options available.

One-to-One Executive & C-Suite Sounding Board

Working with executives & senior manages in either a regular or adhoc manner, to act as a sounding board.

Given the number of projects and demands on you, we work alongside you to help you prioritise your opportunities, as well as simply listen to your needs, offering a suggested path, strategy & tactics to move forward.

Standard hourly rate is $395 + GST, with longer-term options available.

Group + Individual Workshops to help shape your clear path, priorities and take action

A three-hour Business Action Planning (BAP) workshop, with a maximum of 10 businesses.

Using real life experience, together we address the 10 Key Ingredients of a BAP that make up a business, evaluate strategies & tactics, leaving with a physical Action Plan.

This is available in a 1 to 1 situation also, in order to kick start your thinking.

On and offline options.

Standard half day rate is $995 + GST, per company with two attendees

Introductions & Connections that make stuff happen

We’ve been very fortunate to meet some great people along the way, making lifelong friends and colleagues, who often are equally keen to meet good people.

Where there is a fit, a part of what we do is provide useful connections across all sorts of services & industries, who help to further connect the dots to move you even further along the curve. Why go from A to B to C when you can go from A to C immediately?

Whether you need Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content, Branding, Website development, eCommerce builds, Systems Audits, Business or Personal Insurance, Branded Merchandise, Legal advice, Accounting services, Retail or Commercial space, Staff or to deal with Employment Issues, or a sound Financial Advisor, Co-Pilot can assist you.

Strategy & Implementation Projects

Broad Business Audits; RFP Evaluations; Governance & Management;

Business, Marketing & Comms Strategy Action Planning; Online & Offline Community Building from your dbase/CRM; Creating a single view of the customer for greater personalisation & segmentation; Branding; Growth Strategies: New Revenue Models; Evaluating Risk & De-risking strategies; Assisting businesses evolve from off to online eCommerce; Lead Generation & Filling Sales Pipelines; Idea Generation & Implementation

Determining Technology Platforms; Automation; UX/CX/Customer Journey Mapping; eCommerce & Digital projects;

People/HR; Finding the right Team Member;

Building Strategic Relationships;

Building Assets & Asset Value; IP;

Business Exits/Succession Planning; Term Sheets & Information Memorandums (IM’s);

The 50+ demographic opportunity;

Coaching/facilitating Strategy & Business Planning Workshops;

Health & Wellness guidance via bespoke templates and personal experience.

Standard hourly rate is $395 + GST, with options available dependent on the project.

One-to-One Health & Wellbeing:
Real Life Experience to help guide you to better focus on You.

Please note that we are not qualified professionals in the Mental Health & Wellbeing space. We have learned everything via the ‘school of hard knocks’ and we’re happy to share any of that, as to how we managed to keep going and achieve a successful end goal for our business. So this is a real Human to a real Human offering to discuss, learn and see what might resonate as interesting to feel less overwhelmed with our business lives.

Working alongside you on an hourly basis, via a Discovery process that helps understand what you’re currently going through with your business, how this is affecting you and how you’d prefer to be feeling, we will cover all sorts of areas of life.

Using Richard 25+ years experience in business, especially a specific 10-year period from start-up to exit, where the ups and downs were great, prolonged and sometimes felt like there was no way forward – we am happy to share some tips and tricks about what worked and didn’t for Richard as a business owner, husband, father, friend and person.

From there we create a workable, realistic Action Plan to help provide a guide for you to put in place immediately, to make progress, to continue learning and to make habit.

This is about you and how you interact with your business, but in essence the objective is to help you see what has worked for me physically, mentally, financially and relationally – and see if it might work for you. I wish you all the best.

Please download this checklist resource that we find useful, as a Daily 40 check-in.

Please call or text 1737 (24 hours) if you feel that you need professional help right now.

Standard hourly rate is $395 + GST, with longer-term options available.

Learn more about working with Richard Poole, Co-Pilot®.

Co-Pilot®is a registered Regional Business Partner.

If you are an Auckland-based business and in need of Health & Wellbeing assistance for you and your business, to help you personally feel better, plus consider how to stabilise, recover or grow your business, we can help create a personal & business Action Plan that makes sense and is possible to make real change and make progress. If interested, please apply with the First Steps programme (via Auckland Chamber of Commerce) here .
Best wishes.

Alternatively, wherever you are around NZ, if your project or business needs fit within the criteria, there is the potential to apply for a Capability Voucher to assist with funding for up to 50% of an assignment’s value (maximum $5000 + GST funding for a $10,000 + GST assignment). e.g. Mini Due-Diligence, Discovery & Prioritised Action Planning that works, to solve Problems (to make Progress). I’m keen to help you make progress and succeed.

    Please leave your details for a no obligation conversation. Thank you.

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