Advisory & Strategy

Working alongside business owners & managers to guide towards greater Business Value as and when required, by helping plan, architect, create, project manage and/or implement projects –

  1. one-off or ongoing projects focused on a specific business need or;
  2. broader business projects to ultimately prepare for the next phase, whether launch, growth, scale, change, capital requirements, formation of partnerships or looking to succession or exit.

One-off Projects
Typical projects include;
Reviewing & advising on suitable Technology platforms to achieve your business objectives. It might also be a Tech build or development e.g. eCommerce, Email/Personalisation/Segmentation, developing loyal online & offline Communities.

Marketing & Communication Plans: both the strategic & tactical elements.

Reviewing the customer journey, looking at UX and CX. Developing Roadmaps.

Designing & creating a single view of the customer via data inputs, allowing greater personalisation and segmentation outputs (e.g. for increased revenue opportunities or database growth).

General Business Plans, resultant Action Plan development and implementation.

Or any specific business areas.

Broader Business Projects
The approach applies a stepped model which brings together experience, perspective, tools, methods, values, support and advice.

Step 1:
The 360° Business Review & Discovery is an all encompassing, broad overview of your business and its functions. With our own experience and that of our network, we have experienced all facets of business and are able to offer an independent, realistic view and snapshot.

Ranging across a myriad of areas that may include Value proposition, Markets, Assets, Relationships, Customers, Communities, Marketing, Technology, Operations, Revenue Channels, Risk, Legals, Capital, Governance and Learning – we ask the relevant questions.

Step 2:
Value Creation Blueprint – effectively determine the desired outcomes across the business, that if brought together are likely to achieve maximum business value.

Step 3:
Gap Analysis to determine how to bridge the gap from current to desired outcomes across the business.

Step 4:
Action Plan Roadmap can include both strategy & tactics within a workable and realistic step by step guide, to gain momentum to achieve results and create value.

Step 5 also available:
Coaching, Training and/or Implementation
We are able to either personally assist business owners or managers, by creating accountability along with your action plans or suggest an appropriate partner solutions that covers web/app development, eCommerce solutions, branding, PR, Social Media, SEO/SEM, HR, Legal, Insurance and Accounting.

Please note that you may be able to apply for funding when working with Co-Pilot if you meet certain criteria.

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