Support, Contact + Right Fit?

Thanks for considering getting in touch. Working alongside someone is an important part of making progress in our business lives.

Three things are crucial to a successful sounding board relationships in my view.

#1: Having a desire to progress, as much as a desire to stop doing those same things that don’t move you forward (i.e. a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset)

#2: Doing what we say we’ll do (being accountable)

#3: Most of all, sensing that we are the right fit and have the rapport that builds mutual trust and respect. (Value)

When I work alongside you, I aim to listen more than I speak, to genuinely empathise with you, to ask useful questions, to draw on my experiences in life & 25 years in business, then offer suggestions as to what I might do to get the best results and get closer to the end goal & your vision. If I can save you from making some of those mistakes that I have made, then all the better!

If this sounds like we might be a match, then please do get in touch. I’m keen to help you get a better night’s sleep, knowing that you are doing the best that you can, with what’s within your control. Thank you and best wishes.

Learn more about working with Richard Poole, Co-Pilot®. 

Co-Pilot®is a registered Regional Business Partner.

November 2021: If you are an Auckland-based business and in need or either Strategy/Advisory/General Assistance or Implementation to help your business stabilise/recover, create a plan and grow during these times, then please register your interest here from 1st December. If successful, you can apply for up to $3000 for Strategy/Advisory/General Assistance and/or up to $4000 for Implementation.

Alternatively and outside of Auckland, If your project fits within the criteria, there is the potential to apply for a Capability Voucher to assist with funding for up to 50% of an assignment’s value (maximum $5000 + GST funding for a $10,000 + GST assignment). e.g. Mini Due-Diligence, Discovery & Prioritised Action Planning that works, to solve Problems (to make Progress)

    Photo credit: Vivaan Trivedii on Unsplash