Co-Pilot offers you a low cost, no risk opportunity to begin to gain back some control around your business and life.  

End procrastination – gain clarity & confidence to take action & achieve desired momentum.

In general, SME owners work longer hours, for less pay and more stress.  It’s a sign of strength to seek guidance that can help you achieve your objectives sooner, to increase your asset value and future exit options, with less stress and more downtime.

Is this your Reality?

  • Being flat out and never getting around to it?
  • Running out of steam and feeling overwhelmed?
  • Struggling to balance family life and work?
  • Feeling slightly lonely or isolated?
  • You don’t know where to start?
  • You think you’ll be seen as a failure if you ask for help?
  • You think it’ll cost too much to get help?
  • You’ve become 99% business admin person and only 1% business owner

But, you have one or some of the following wants?

  • To solve an immediate Pain Point
  • To grow and/or scale-up
  • To find a suitable business partner
  • To earn more
  • To spend less time in the business
  • To get out (whatever that means)

If so, Co-Pilot is able to help you to take the first steps towards Action, to save you from getting another 6 months down the track and feeling stuck.

What you will experience.

  1. To sit down confidentially (in Auckland) with an experienced, professional, successful founder, manager, builder & exiter of a New Zealand SME to a Fortune 100 company, for up to 1.5 hours
  2. To have the opportunity to just talk and verbalise your thoughts, main pain points or desires, in a way that can be succinctly distilled, interpreted & documented independently, to find a workable and logical way forward
  3. To receive a tangible top-level action plan & summary that finds a way to meet your immediate objectives
  4. To then leave you to decide where you wish to go from there, if anywhere, without further obligation.

For an investment of $495 + GST (standard $1050 + GST, with the value potentially life changing)

Co-Pilot is keen to help and recognises that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. Please don’t let another 6 months go by. Invest in what is or could be your largest asset.

Please leave your details for a no obligation conversation. Thank you.