Owner Reviews

I have been fortunate to have been connected with Richard both personally and professionally for a number of years.

Richard is a clear thinking entrepreneur who possesses tremendous people skills which means he can add value to almost any endeavour. He is a man of real integrity that I would have the utmost trust in. “

Murray Thom, Entrepreneur, Author & Producer
Glorious Digital; The Offering Project; ‘Eat, Drink & Be Murray’,The Great New Zealand (& Australian) Cookbook/Baking Book/Birthday Cake Books; The Great New Zealand (& Australian) Songbooks, Music for Wine/Coffee/Cocktail Lovers, Piano by Candlelight etc…

Richard is a class act. Richard did a great job for Kea & I would recommend him most highly. He has a great “get on with it’ attitude, is extremely efficient, well liked by staff / clients & happy easy style…

I would love to work with him again.”

Craig Donaldson, ex-CEO, Kea Global

Richard helped me with contingency planning during the Covid lockdown. He has a proven track record, he really listens and understands and then gives you practical, relevant advice that works. Can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Dr Sam Dunn, Medical Director, Palm Clinic

New Zealand Mint contracted Richard to assist us with an analysis of our ecommerce web platform from the perspective of the customer. The scope was to sense check our current performance, and to offer recommendations on areas where improvements could be made. Richard provided a comprehensive report at the conclusion of his assignment, and followed through with a review meeting.

As a direct result of the work, NZM has since changed email marketing platform to enable us to access functionality we were unable to previously to improve our customer experience, our ability to measure customer movement, and ultimately to improve our sales.

Richard provided a fast, accurate diagnosis for us, and helped us to establish where the most gains could be made in our web business.”

Brent Hindman, Head of Sales & Marketing
& Zoe Leech, Senior Marketing Co-Ordinator

NZ Mint

Richard assisted us through a very tough time when COVID-19 hit. He really took the time to consider all parties involved and was extremely empathetic. His advice and guidance to re-focus to allow us to make informed bigger strategic decisions alongside documenting both a short and long term plan was very valuable. We have continued to work with Richard and will hopefully do so in the future. He is excellent and I would 100% encourage you to work with him.”

Mark Quinn, Owner, Auckland Physiotherapy & The Collective

I was introduced to Richard by Wendy from ATEED and was impressed immediately with his genuine interest in my world and empathy for what I was facing as Lockdown started and NZ faced a headwind in the economy.

As a financial adviser, I had multitudes coming for me to help but who could I get in my corner to help me steer through turbulent waters? We started on a process to assist with Finance & Cashflow Management; Business Continuity Planning; HR, Employment Relations & Legal; Health & Wellbeing; Marketing Strategy and Digital Enablement Strategy.

Richard quickly became a trusted ally and wise sage working rapidly through key areas, highlighting valuable changes and helping make them happen. I am very fortunate to have been introduced.

If you’re looking for a business coach, he’s the one you need.”

Stephen Robertson, Owner & Auckland’s #1 Trusted Mortgage Advisor
My Money, Mortgage & Business Finance

“I’ve found working with Richard to be extremely beneficial both from a business and personal perspective.

He’s very knowledgeable about business which is important , but also takes a holistic view as well with the  work/life balance which is also a crucial component to the overall success of the business. 

I’m writing this during the Corona Virus disaster which for me with a tourism venture, has been devastating. Richard was the first to reach out with personal support but also followed up with an action plan, which now has become extremely important to get me out the other side.

Richard also hooked me up with some great contacts within his network. They have now  become even more invaluable moving forward through the current crisis. I can see a glimmer of light at the other end of the tunnel and am extremely grateful for Richard’s help and persistence. “

Nick White, Owner
Luxury Rail Trail Tours & Tiger Hill Lodge, Otago

I’ve known Richard since May 2019 and in October 2019 we started working together.

If I had to use two words to describe him, they would be: genuine and passionate.

What makes Richard rise above other business coaches that I have come across in the past is not only how knowledgeable he is in business strategies (as he has previously ran successful businesses in the past himself) but also his approach and ability to dissect a complex problem into simplified and manageable bits. He can give you a fresh new customer orientated perspective on how to structure a better approach to your challenge – which, in my opinion, is invaluable.

What I also found extremely useful is that he not only has the ability to guide you through any challenge strategically, but he is fantastic in giving extra support mentally and emotionally. He shares his wealth of life experiences with you, as being a business owner in this day and age can be a grueling and lonely journey.

With Richard’s help and his extensive network of contacts, we were able to move our e-commerce site to a more customer-focused platform to allow us to develop and work on a robust marketing strategy plan to expand and grow our niche. I look forward to continuing to work with him to take our business to the next level.”

Chris Leung, Owner,
EastMED Pharmacy

Working with Richard has been transformational. I have become more efficient, confident and assertive resulting in a steady 25.8% increase in profit on last year.

He’s the type of coach who is not afraid to muck in, helping out where needed as well as giving thoughtful and relevant advice. The network and contacts that Richard has is extensive and fruitful. He knows a lot of people and they trust him. His referrals have resulted in new and large clientele – a big contributor to the bottom line. I’ve really enjoyed working with Richard and look forward to our sessions, and even though our project is coming to an end, I will be working with him again in the future.

Above all of this, he’s just a great guy.  If you are looking at taking your business to the next level, Richard won’t disappoint.”

Kelly B, iServe Private Investigator & Process Server

Richard was referred to me as a business coach/mentor and I have found his advice extremely useful.

He has helped me to clarify my thoughts and bring focus to the priorities I need to action that in turn have enabled me to put into place strategies and tactics to really make the progress I want to make in my business.”

Wendy Hampton, Principal
Horrocks Hampton Lawyers, Takapuna

I was starting up my own tour company pre Covid which was brought to a grinding halt when the epidemic hit. I was still determined to continue but didn’t know how and where to start. I had some ideas to circumnavigate the obstacles and capture a domestic market which I intended to persue and then the second lockdown hit. This really knocked my confidence and felt very dispondent about the whole affair. That’s when I decided to contact ATEED who paired me with Richard. Despite ATEED’s intial reluctance to help a tourism start up during a pandemic, Richard offered a glimmer of hope. Well, he certainly brought the light and helped to clarify my ideas and thoughts through the various online tools that he implements. Everything became more focussed, my confidence grew, I bought a suitable vehicle and we discussed my options to pivot and find a new focus. We decided that the situation required incremental stepping stones to get on track and am now persuing ridesharing and shuttling income with the novel twist of customised commentary to provide a short but entertaining and memorable ‘mini tour’. He also helped to reinforce my ideas to capture niche markets during this period with a view to transitioning into a prosperous tour company. He was very quick to get on board with my holistic approach to tying in other streams of revenue, cross marketing them to produce a diverse and full proof business. He showed much kindness, empathy and generosity throughout the whole experience and felt like a million dollars once our sessions were complete. The advice of Richard’s considerable experience and clarity of mind has been invaluable and I think I’ll be forever grateful. Extremely highly recommended. Just can’t say enough really.

David Oakes, Managing Director – Tane Tours

I did 3 months of Coaching with Richard during a time where I was going through a lot of change in my business and really needed support, advice and guidance on the new direction that I had chosen. Richard helped by providing a lot more structure in the overall strategic planning and gave some valuable insights on some of the ideas that I had. I would recommend working with Richard. He is a great listener who really takes the time to understand what you are trying to accomplish.”

Jason, Owner
FRANK Stationery

Richard’s professional and personable approach to working with our Startup, The Career Development Company, meant I could readily understand his recommendations and translate them into actions for growing our business”.

Dr Val O’Reilly, Executive Director
The Career Development Company

Richard was very helpful, offering practical business advice that helped to get our marketing plan working effectively.”

Emma Hirst, Owner, The Hand Therapy Group

Richard, the advisor I spoke with, was straightforward to work with. He provided both a comprehensive and a tailored checklist on actions to be addressed. Followup was timely and useful.”

Sonya Oyston, Owner
Main Course CookZone

Personally, I am glad I reached out to you for advice. Your response is always prompt. With our project where you provided strong analysis and advice on our potential start up idea… I especially appreciate you taking time to listen and understand why we are excited about our idea, your honesty in sharing your knowledge and opinion (what worked and what may not..) and the thoughtfulness which was evident in the flow of contents in the document. 

Hope to have the opportunity to work with you again!”

Start-Up client, Singapore

“Rich is blessed with the rare combination of a big picture thinker who has the ability to execute. Rich is great to work with, he has a real tenacity for finding and pursuing opportunities.

Action orientated, he identified and serviced a niche and with focus, hard work and loyalty he built GrownUps to be a targeted platform in the publishing space.

Rich is a smart strategic operator and someone I will continue to work with and can easily recommend.”

Olivia Worthington, Senior Marketing Strategist

I was introduced to Richard through the Icehouse, as one of three candidates who were matched to my requirements for support in my relatively new business venture. I selected Richard for his broad experience as a business owner, specifically his experience in marketing and multi-channel strategies and customer experience knowledge.

My choice was justified when I met Richard who in a very short period of time was able to fully grasp, understand and easily articulate my business vision as well as understand some of my obstacles and challenges. He immediately provided me with ideas and food for thought.

Richard is an outstanding listener, empathetic and has an ability to summarise everything that has been downloaded in an ordered and structured way. I was grateful for the support and direction and a well-timed sounding board to get me out of my business and more onto it so I could plan a more focussed direction and prioritise actions plans moving forward.

I would recommend Richard to anyone looking for a business coach or mentor.”

Julie Hazelhurst, Owner
Mondays, Yoga Cafe

Co-Pilot®is a registered Regional Business Partner.

If you are an Auckland-based business and in need of Health & Wellbeing assistance for you and your business, to help you personally feel better, plus consider how to stabilise, recover or grow your business, we can help create a personal & business Action Plan that makes sense and is possible to make real change and make progress. If interested, please apply with the First Steps programme (via Auckland Chamber of Commerce) here .
Best wishes.

Alternatively, wherever you are around NZ, if your project or business needs fit within the criteria, there is the potential to apply for a Capability Voucher to assist with funding for up to 50% of an assignment’s value (maximum $5000 + GST funding for a $10,000 + GST assignment). e.g. Mini Due-Diligence, Discovery & Prioritised Action Planning that works, to solve Problems (to make Progress). I’m keen to help you make progress and succeed.

I look forward to hearing from you wherever you are in NZ. Thanks and best wishes.